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Collection Development
and Design

The core of BAF is its ambitious team of trend-watchers, designers and stylists. Every day we tread new paths, get inspi­ra­tion from inter­na­tional trends and expand our creative horizons. We pursue the goal of creating inno­va­tive and commer­cial fashion with a fresh and lively design. As we do so we set great store by ensuring that our collec­tions are in line with the current spirit of the times and meet all requi­re­ments in terms of fit and wearing comfort.

The entire collec­tion process, from creative design through to finished clothing item, undergoes constant opti­mi­sa­tion. This way we guarantee our customers consis­tent quality, ensured by means of our self-suffi­cient procedure. Our in-house produc­tion enables us to react to seasonal trends straight away and realise our contem­porary collec­tions with parti­cular swiftness.

Reliability and Quality

With customers in mind, the orga­ni­sa­tion structure of BAF WOMAN offers a diverse array of uses of our design and produc­tion options. This forms the basis for a smooth collec­tion process compri­sing outstan­ding features such as swiftness, flexi­bi­lity and quality.


Fit Concept

Remem­be­ring the motto, “Clothes make people” we develop the perfect fit for every figure. No matter whether lean or curvy, tight or generously cut, our range offers the right fashion for every style and every taste.

Display fit concept

Fashion is made by people for people