Fashion is made by people for people


Fair working condi­tions are a matter of course for us. Therefore, our product guide­lines are based on the BSCI (Business Social Compli­ance Initia­tive) code as well as several other standards that specify fair condi­tions for employees, partners and suppliers. The conti­nuous opti­miza­tion of our produc­tion processes as well as the culti­va­tion of long-term business rela­ti­onships support us in main­tai­ning our quality standards and help us to meet our ecolo­gical and social requirements.


Mỹ Tho site, Vietnam

  • 400 employees
  • 8 produc­tion lines on 4.500 m²
  • 20–22 worker per line
  • capacity of 70.000/80.000 pcs. per month
  • trousers, blazer, dresses, skirts

Trà Vinh site, Vietnam

  • 470 employees
  • 14 produc­tion lines on 4.980 m²
  • 22–24 worker per line
  • capacity of 120.000/140.000 pcs. per month
  • jeans, washed and nonwashed trousers

We can only conti­nu­ally optimise our sustainable produc­tion if our workers are happily employed and motivated, making new creations with passion.”
Michael Kühn, Senior Manager


31/34 Ung Van Khiem St., Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist., HCM City

Grandmex is a wholly owned subsi­diary of BaF Brothers and Friends GmbH Germany, based in Vietnam. Our manage­ment is directly involved in all aspects of the business through the family business and works closely with our retail partners to ensure full flexi­bi­lity in decision making. Our goal is to build lasting new and long-term part­ner­ships with companies and people who have ideas and vision and believe in sustainable success together.

Fashion is made by people for people