Brothers and Friends

The apparel manu­fac­turer where fashion, sustaina­bi­lity and social compli­ance belong together.

You can rely on this

Ever­y­thing from a single source:
From design and deve­lo­p­ment to production.

Two of our own modern produc­tion faci­li­ties and an office in Vietnam with the best produc­tion conditions.

We rely on sustainable produc­tion processes and high-quality materials.

Inno­va­tive designs and the highest quality standards charac­te­rize us.

Speed, flexibility and reliability

As a leading German company for the produc­tion of men’s and women’s clothing, Brothers and Friends is home to numerous labels. Since our foun­da­tion, we have made a name for ourselves as a reliable partner in the clothing industry, producing high-quality garments and deli­ve­ring them on time. We also enable you to customize our products — naturally in high quality and with sustainable values in mind.


creativity and quality

Every day, our inno­va­tive team of trend watchers, designers and stylists create new fashions with a clear focus on quality, fit and the indi­vi­dual wishes of our customers.

Fashion is made by people

One of our prio­ri­ties is to ensure ecolo­gical produc­tion condi­tions and socially accep­table working condi­tions. We are therefore committed to providing our employees with a pleasant and safe working environment.

Fashion is made by people for people