Detailed Structure

Overview in detailed structure

Full-Service Agency

Our fully-fledged agency has a sure sense of the coming trends. Our fashion is developed here, from selecting fabrics and colors to sampling. It’s the preli­mi­nary stage of our production.

Production Site Tra Vinh

Bright, well-venti­lated rooms, state-of-the-art equipment, and plenty of freedom of movement — our produc­tion facility in Tra Vinh offers our male and female coworkers the best working conditions.

Production Site My Tho

We ensure our high quality with state-of-the-art machines, profes­sional equipment, a well-trained workforce, and always precise proces­sing. Rest assured that our produc­tion always meets inter­na­tional standards in quality and sustainability.

Washing & Effects

What makes our high-quality fashion is attention to detail. We use a variety of tech­ni­ques in produc­tion to enhance our designs. This is how our products become a distinc­tive fashion statement for our customers all over the globe.

Fashion is made by people for people